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1940s Recipes + Menus


March 1947
There are several bottled rompopes available in Mexico, and a few are sold in the U.S., particularly around the holidays, but this recipe, which Ruth Harkness sent back from Mexico, is simple enough to make and so much better than the store-bought variety, especially if you have access to farm-fresh eggs.

You take the yolks of thirty eggs—you can make angel food or meringues of the whites—and swizzle them until you’re absolutely exhausted. Then you beat some more slowly, adding a half pound of sugar. I use the kind of cedar swizzle stick you find in the West Indies but I suppose you could use an egg beater. To this you add slowly, always beating, two quarts of milk which have been boiling with an ounce of cinnamon; then an ounce of pure almond extract. Now you beat in a cuartillo—a fifth—of the best aguardiente you can buy—or you can use rum. That makes between four and five quarts.