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Pat Nourse


Pat Nourse, one of Australia’s leading food writers, is features editor and Sydney restaurant critic for Gourmet Traveller. He has contributed to most of Australia’s food publications and has also been a correspondent for worldwide editions of Time Out and Lonely Planet. He claims that the food in Sydney "is even better than you’ve heard." He also claims to be a distant relative of Colonel Sanders.

Pat Nourse on gourmet.com

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Australia’s Tiffany Butcher

A new meat emporium on the outskirts of Sydney might just be the world’s fanciest—and maybe the best.
chefs + restaurants

Sydney: Rockpool Bar & Grill

(SYDNEY) - Drivers, start your Martinis.
travel + culture

Devouring Sydney

Australia’s harbor city is known for its crashing waves, iconic architecture, and sun-drenched afternoons. Not surprisingly, its world-class restaurants are equally big, bold, and brash....

Pigs with Class

At The Agrarian Kitchen, a paddock-to-plate cooking school, you really learn everything there is to know about pork preparation.
April 2009
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How to Help Australia

The devastating fires this month have ruined lives and livelihoods. Here’s how to help.
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Australia’s Tim Tam Slam

Hugh Jackman and Oprah start a craze for “bikkie.”
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Bei

Some of Beijing’s most interesting modern Asian food is being cooked not by a Shanghai or Hong Kong player, but a New Orleans-born New Yorker.
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Royal Mail Hotel

Dunkeld, a tiny town of 450 souls, is the unlikely repository for what is probably Australia’s best cellar.
chefs + restaurants

First Taste: Cumulus Inc.

This whimsical restaurant has taken Melbourne by storm, but the kitchen is serious when it comes to quality.

Cooking Schools: Sydney Seafood School

Short of the famous Tsukiji market in Tokyo, it’s hard to think of a more fitting location for a seafood school than the Sydney Fish Market.
May 2008