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The Lau of the Land

Gilbert Lau, former host and director of Flower Drum, the Melbourne haute-Cantonese fine-diner, has opened a new restaurant in the city.
travel + culture

2006: The Year in Travel

What was your most memorable trip this year? I'm sure it was trawling the street stalls of Bangkok with Thai chef David Thompson.
travel + culture

Helluva Hellenic Hot Spot

Chef George Calombaris turns the tables with The Press Club, a large, upmarket place on the site of Melbourne’s old Herald and Weekly Times building.
chefs + restaurants

Downes But Not Out

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen project—where 15 disadvantaged youths express themselves through cooking—has gotten off to an okay start in its first Southern Hemisphere outing.
travel + culture

Tapa the Food Chain

The tapas bar has finally become a fixture in Australia.
travel + culture

Like a Rockpool

Ponytailed chef Neil Perry has broken into Melbourne with Rockpool Bar & Grill, an ambitious extension of his famous Rockpool back in his native Sydney.
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