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Eight Great Street-Food Vendors in the Bay Area

It’s impossible to know which purveyors will persevere beyond their first 15 tweets, but here are eight worth checking out … for now.
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Restaurants Now: Saison

Epitomizing haute French technique while remaining aggressively casual in tenor, Saison might be the consummate San Francisco fine dining experience.

Fanny Singer’s Bay Area Picks

Check out low-key restaurantsmany serving authentic ethnic eatsthat dot the Bay Area.
October 2009
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San Francisco: RN74

(SAN FRANSISCO) - With a name like RN74 (the highway through the Burgundy region in France), you’d expect to find French fare.
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Restaurants Now: Kitchenette

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Kitchenette’s pedigreed chefs—including Brian Leitner and Douglas Monsalud—call their food “spontaneous organic covert nourishment.” I’d like to add “delicious.”...
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Restaurants Now: Contigo

(SAN FRANCISCO) - There are many things to admire about Contigo, from the small-but-not-crowded interior full of reclaimed wood to the lovely covered patio and kitchen garden, but it is the brightness of the food—the vividness and freshness of...