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This 23-inch, powder-coated iron cooler can hold a full day’s worth of fizzy drinks (beer trough, $95; conranusa.com; 212-755-9079).
Bauer Pottery, an American company, and Mud, an Australian one, share an honesty and simplicity of design. Bauer, which has been around since the 1880s, uses its old models as inspiration (turquoise berry bowl, $19.80, soup bowl, $24; bauerpottery.com). Mud’s flared dinner plate is handmade of Limoges porcelain (pistachio plate, $42; vivionline.com, 301-656-5626).
They’re called zombie glasses, but these tall, lean vessels will work as well for gin and tonics as they do for their namesake rum drink ($1.95 each; fishseddy.com, 212-420-9020).
clay bowls
Fortunata’s handmade clay bowls have a wonderfully time-worn look, thanks to glazing methods handed down for generations and centuries-old firing techniques ($40; fortunatainc.com, 404-351-1096).
Tired of paper plates that sag even under the weight of a light snack? It’s time to return to enamelware, that old camping standby: These plates and bowls are sturdy, shatterproof, and reusable ($3 each; shopbowery.com, 212-376-4982).
West Marine’s set of 40 nylon code flags are classically used by ships at sea to signal one another. No boat? Add a hint of the nautical to your summer table by using them as placemats ($92.99; westmarine.com, 212-594-6065).
These gorgeous steak knives from Coltellerie Berti for Match have handles made of boxwood and come in a wood box ($718 for 6; manorhg.com, 866-406-2667). This 24-inch Artisan serving board looks vintage, but it’s made by a contemporary company in Vermont from North American maple ($92.95; fishseddy.com, 212-420-9020).
Mud Australia porcelains are coveted for their rough exterior and smooth, glazed interior. Cooks will especially love this fish platter, which is long enough to accommodate a whole salmon ($110; vivionline.com, 301-656-5626).
gourd bowls
These clay gourd bowls are the work of a Colombian potter who shuns symmetry for the randomness of nature. Traces of glaze spill over the edges and fingerprints are everywhere, enhancing the bowls’ charms ($120, abchome.com; 212-473-3000).
Cabot Lane’s Enella plates and bowls have subtle relief borders and barely-there brown rims ($22 each; cabotlane.com, 440-708-3707).
Add a bright glow to long summer evenings with Stansport’s cherry-red kerosene lanterns: The beam is strong and lasts for hours (8-inch lantern, $6.30, 12-inch, $10.80; amazon.com).
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