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It’s Party Time

Published in Gourmet Live 12.07.11
Celebrate with our festive recipes and entertaining tips, plus advice on saving your dinner party from tiny space invaders

December has arrived, and in a few weeks those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will be facing the shortest day of the year. But instead of crawling under the covers and hibernating, we’re putting a bright spin on the long nights of winter: It’s party time!

Our party issue has plenty of practical advice, including tips from L.A. celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss, recommendations from our partners at BlogHer for 10 top restaurants across the country to hold soirées, and the simple entertaining strategy of foods that bring people together, courtesy of Kemp Minifie.

For snarkier—but no less useful—advice, parents and the child-free alike will want to read Elizabeth Gunnison’s hilarious and honest piece on why kids don’t belong at dinner parties.

Gunnison has no problem with children attending casual events, and we have the perfect crowd-pleasing dish for a holiday open house or family gathering: Vegetarian Red Pozole with Red Beans, a hearty hominy-based Mexican stew topped with a variety of self-serve garnishes. The recipe was developed exclusively for this issue by Shelley Wiseman, author of the new cookbook Just Tacos and a former editor at Gourmet magazine.

What’s your go-to party recipe? Share it with us via Twitter or Facebook, email us, or post a comment on our blog.

Thanks for partying with us!

The Editors of Gourmet Live