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The Drinks Issue

Published in Gourmet Live 11.30.11
We’re raising a toast to wine, cocktails, and even coffee—with a chaser of bartenders’ hangover cures

With Thanksgiving behind us, we’re approaching the booziest time of year: Web searches for wine and cocktails spike in December, according to Google Insights statistics, and surveyor Mintel reports Christmas and New Year’s are the holidays most likely to prompt alcohol purchases.

If you’re one of those who’ll be imbibing a bit more over the next few weeks, have you thought about what your tipple of choice reveals about you? In this issue, cocktail expert David Wondrich decodes 15 drinks, identifying the type of person most likely to order them. (No judgments. Well, maybe just a few.)

When it comes to Franck Duboeuf’s drink of choice, need we say more than that his dad is Monsieur Beaujolais himself? Ted Loos shares an inside look at the Duboeuf heir’s plans for the family brand, along with a handpicked short list of the label’s bargain wines to try.

We hope this issue inspires you to enjoy your favorite holiday drinks, not overdo it—but in case you do have a few too many, former Gourmet magazine drinks editor James Rodewald dispenses advice from bartenders on how to ease your aches.

Doughnuts are a pretty good cure for a hangover—or for anything, really—and we have a sumptuous new recipe by former Gourmet magazine test kitchen director Ruth Cousineau for Italian Bombolini with Chocolate Espresso, Whisky Caramel, and Clementine Sauces.

Speaking of coffee, the issue concludes with a debate between design mavens Russell Flinchum and Alexandra Lange about coffeemakers—a much used and much-maligned appliance.

What drinks are tickling your fancy these days? Share a sip with us via Twitter or Facebook, email us, or post a comment on our blog.


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