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These hand-drawn note cards depict kitchen scenes with a twist: Beautiful birds strut across the table, perch on the Dutch oven, and peck around on the floor. ($4 each, $21 for a box of 6, $22 for a box of 8; screechowldesign.com)
turquoise jars
The mottled green turquoise finish of these Chinese stoneware jars exemplifies a traditional glazing technique. Each piece is unique. ($84; jaysonhomeandgarden.com)
ceramic vases
The organic look of the glaze on these French-made stoneware vases by Jars Provence is a great match for simple bouquets from the garden or farmers market. (“Karo” and “Mato” vases in Lemon and Lotus Green, $47-$91 each; 415-663-8221 or didriks.com)
egg bank
Like an old-fashioned piggy bank, the porcelain Nest Egg by Cor Unum helps you spend mindfully: It has a coin slot for inserting your savings but has to be destroyed when you’re ready to make a withdrawal. ($36; blackinkboston.com)
palace glasses
Whether they’re placed decoratively on a sideboard or used to serve wine or tea, these traditional nickel-and-glass Moroccan teacups lend a sumptuous look to your dining room. ($22 each; jaysonhomeandgarden.com)
With its durable leather handles, this hand-woven hemp and cotton tote is sturdy enough for both weekend jaunts and weeknight trips to the grocery store. ($82 each; mothology.com)
These whimsically shaped hors d’oeuvre knives are handmade from pure bronze, copper, and silver and adorned with bone or horn handles. ($100 each; saltworksnyc.com)
bowl and seeds
Bring the garden indoors with this hand-thrown, 9-inch stoneware “Pinch” bowl, which comes with purple shamrock bulbs that sprout in just eight weeks. ($98; jonathanadler.com)
lace runner
Tablecloths and placemats are functional, but adding a runner takes any table to a new level of elegance. The lace trim on this linen version gives it a traditional touch. ($65; teroforma.com)
Fill one of these scalloped bonbonnières with Mom’s confection of choice; when the sweets are gone, the tasteful dish can be used as a jewelry box. (small, $70, large, $100; georgjensen.com)
Bodum’s vibrantly colored “Bistro” toaster has variable temperature settings and a pop-up rack to keep Mom’s morning croissant warm. The base is designed so that the cord can be tucked away neatly for storage. ($79.95; bodumusa.com)
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